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Jeffrey Lubin Psychotherapist
Creative Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Somatic Experiencing

My mission

I am an extensively trained psychotherapist who is passionately driven by a quest to help people find the kind of future or transformation that is eluding them. My training is ongoing and in fact will never end so vast is the domain of psychotherapy. I am specialized in two psychotherapeutic approaches: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Somatic Experiencing. The first, which puts hope up front and stresses the upward striving, is characterized by a persistent focus on the outcome that you want, which implies an orientation to the present and future rather than the past, except insofar as the past contains hints of the future that you are seeking. The second uses an inward focus on the body to facilitate an upsurge of wisdom and creativity that is hiding within you and waiting for you to utilize. Whether you are aware of it or not, these assets are waiting for you to exploit. (See below).

jeffrey lubin wearing a hat

I believe that my multicultural background (I have lived in six cities spanning three continents (North America - I grew up in Canada - Europe and the Middle East) has enabled me to relate with greater empathy and understanding to people characterized by a broad variety of living conditions - material, affective, spiritual and social. To be effective, a therapist must attune to your culture and belief system. Otherwise, communication - both cognitive and emotional - will be perturbed.

The Principles and Convictions that Underlie My Way of Working

a highjumper in the air
I didn't know it was impossible so I did it.

The Power of Creativity

Perhaps the most important cornerstone of my psychotherapeutic practice is my fascination with creativity, which I am now researching in a doctoral program. This universal human attribute can have a transformative effect on our psychotherapeutic sessions. It can breathe life into sessions that seem to be stuck and going nowhere. In addition, it can tap into your ability to overcome obstacles through the exercise of your imagination.

There is nothing wrong with you that cannot be fixed by what is right with you.

It's all a question of focus, in particular optimistic focus.

A Problem is a solution in the making.

That solution lies in you and can be coaxed out of you by your innate creativity even if you are not aware that you have it. My task, in the fashion of a midwife, is to help you give birth to your creativity and solution-building skills.

The issue is in the tissue.

An inward focus on the body, as encouraged in somatic experiencing, can free up energy nestling within you in the form of sensations, images, emotions and movements. These, in turn, can enhance the solution-oriented thoughts and ideas that you come up with.

I'm not here to waste your time and money.

I am here, in fact, to put myself out of business. Therapy is brief in the sense that not one more session is held than is needed, and it is you who decides the need.

Academic Qualifications

  1. Batchelor of Science (mathematics and psychology), McGill University, Montreal
  2. Masters in clinical psychology, University of Liège, Belgium
  3. Doctoral candidate (psychotherapeutic creativity)>, University of Mons, Belgium
  4. Proficiency Certificate in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Korzybski Instituut, Bruges, Belgium
  5. Intermediate Certificate in Hypnotic Therapy, Institut de Nouvelle Hypnose, Brussels, Belgium
  6. Proficiency Certificate in Somatic Experiencing, International Trauma-Healing Institute, Los Angeles and Jerusalem
  7. Numerous upgrading trainings

Fee and Practicalities

Sessions are possible by zoom or on location: Van Eycklei 39, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Languages: English (native language), French and Dutch, in decreasing order of proficiency

Fee: 65 euros per session (on average, 1hr15mins); I am with you to fulfill a mission, not to mind the clock. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, I will charge you on a sliding scale based on your means.

Contact Me

Sessions can be held either in person or by zoom.
+32-476 439 322
Van Eycklei 39,
2018 Antwerp.
My office is located on the ground floor opposite the Stadspark.